Try promotional captivating free trial lesson now! Amazing improvement in half an hour!

About Free Trial Lesson

The fee trial lesson improves your singing skill amazingly in half an hour!
Friendly and experienced instructors is waiting for you!
Feel free to apply.
fee trial lesson
When you arrive at the school, please let us know at the reception that you are here to take a trial lesson.
To begin with, please fill out a simple questionnaire.
Please feel free to write your concerns or artistic issues you wish to solve, your purpose and your favorite singing style.
That will help the instructor to have a good communication with you, then you will enjoy the trial lesson even better.

fee trial lesson
Let′s start the trial lesson!
You sing a chorus of your favorite song.
Sing as usual without thinking of your results, while we check your voice and singing.
Then we will start the secret vocal training with the powerful voice method.
Even beginners will be amazed to hear your own voice!
Finally, you will sing it again.
You will improve amazingly your singing skills in half an hour!

fee trial lesson
After the trial lesson, let′s enjoy conversation with the instructor and the school advisor.
We would be happy if you could give us your feedback on the lesson with any comments and questions.
Please do not hesitate to ask us if there are any issues you have noticed. We will counsel you until you are totally satisfied.
Our school adviser will explain you the system of the school, the courses, fees, the original benefits and the promotional plans.

Since we are not proficient in English, please excuse our clumsy English, however we will do our best to fulfill your wish with the spirit of hospitality, and hopefully you will enjoy the conversation in Japanese too!