For everyone to find their ideal singing voice

Original features of our school

  1. We are the vocal school specializing in vocalization, such as "voice volume" and "high notes" and have changed over 30,000 people’s singing voices including professional singers.
  2. Our instructors, who are vocalization experts with professional skills and expertise acquired through our 1500-hour program, will teach you.
  3. You can realize that you are making steady progress with your skills by attending the lessons based on our original powerful voice method.
  4. We hold live concerts and friendship parties more than 4 times a year for providing opportunities for you to show the results of daily practice.
    That will motivate you in achieving your goals.
  5. You enjoy learning through various combinations of lessons, including one-on-one, pair and karaoke DAM lesson.

Original benefits of our school

  1. With more than 40 professional instructors.
    You can make a lesson reservation for any time during our opening hour as you wish.
  2. Within 3 minutes walk from its nearest station to each school. Easy access to the school.
    Open till 22:00 on weekdays, 21:00 on weekends and public holidays.
    You can make it in time even after work.
  3. Soundproof lesson rooms are available for free.
    Train by yourself whenever you wish.
  4. Discount service at the affiliated karaoke shops and restaurants.

Since we are not proficient in English, please excuse our clumsy English, however we will do our best to fulfill your wish with the spirit of hospitality, and hopefully you will enjoy the conversation in Japanese too!