Powerful Voice Vocal School has improved over 30,000 people′s singing voices.

About Us

We are an experienced and accomplished voice training & vocal school that have improved over 30,000 people′s singing voices.
Our students are in a wide range of age group, from as young as 3 years old to in their 80s, mainly in their 30s and 40s.
More than 40 experienced instructors give satisfying lessons from beginner to professional level.
Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Classic, Musical, Gospel, Anime Song and Enka.

Find your ideal singing voice

Powerful Voice Vocal School was established in the hope that everyone finds their ideal singing voice.
For everyone to find their ideal singing voice

If the voice does not improve, neither will the song

The original training menu - Powerful Voice Method - which was professionally invented for voice and vocal technique, improves your singing voice fundamentally and any of you can increase your singing skills.
We recommend this powerful voice method to those who are beginners or those who cannot vocalize as expected.
There is no doubt that any of you, including those who are active as professional singers, can improve the rank of your "singing voice" and "song" with the powerful voice method.

Training for instructors

Because we value every single lesson, we always reflect on faults and make full use of the findings to improve and enhance for the next lesson.
To do so, there is something our school has been carrying out.
Thorough training for instructors

Our goal:
All students shall be satisfied with their lessons

When you take a vocal lesson or voice training, one big concern you may have is that each instructor may be in the different standard of knowledge, skills, and teaching methods.
In order to solve your concern, Powerful Voice Vocal School make sure of taking time to train the instructors continuously and regularly to improve their interpersonal relationship skills, communication skills, voice skills, vocal technique, staging skills and teaching technique, and make them fully acquire the powerful voice method to raise their levels.

Since we are the vocal school with high professionalism to teaching and dedicated to voice training, Powerful Voice Vocal School is in great demand!

All of our schools are in front of the station!
Completely soundproof lesson room!

All of our schools are in front of the station! Completely soundproof lesson room!

Tokyo - Shibuya School is 3 minutes walk from Shibuya station, Nagoya - Sakae School is 2 minutes walk from Sakae station, Fukuoka - Tenjin School is 3 minutes walk from Tenjin station!
The schools are along the lively big street and you can feel safe to commute even after work or after school.

Completely soundproof lesson room!
Sing loudly without any hesitation. With the complete recording equipment, check your singing voice on the spot and fix it immediately.
That is why it makes a significant difference in your progress!

4 times a year!
Live & Friendship Party

4 times a year! Live & Friendship Party

Live concerts and friendship parties every 3 months to encourage you and spice up your lessons!

The instructors also constantly practice performing over and over to prepare for the days.
Their performances are also quite popular.

The opportunity to communicate and interact with other students and the instructors!

Original benefits of our school!

Original benefits of our school!

Free WI-FI!
Comfortable to use your smartphone in the school.

Free admission fee and ¥3,000 off on the first monthly fee for all schools!

Free rental lesson room available for all students!

Discount service at affiliated karaoke shop!

Our students only!
Free rental lesson rooms available!

Free rental lesson rooms available!

Cannot sing loudly at home.

Want to practice before the lesson?

We’ll corresponds to your desires.

Free to use all equipment in the lesson room!

*Depending on the application status,
 we may be unable to meet your requirement.

Since we are not proficient in English, please excuse our clumsy English, however we will do our best to fulfill your wish with the spirit of hospitality, and hopefully you will enjoy the conversation in Japanese too!