Our expertly trained instructors teach both beginners and professional singers with scrupulous care.


Powerful Voice Vocal School train thoroughly your vocalization!

Attentive Counseling

All instructors at Powerful Voice are trained to improve their interpersonal relationship skills and communication skills.
Attentive Counseling
Because they are not just professional vocal instructors but also as good communicators, you always feel comfortable to take lessons.
The level of students′ satisfaction to us is so high that there are many students who stay with us for years because our instructors are nice and good at communication.
We, Powerful Voice, listen to your problems and concerns carefully and lead each student who has a different purpose to improve their karaoke skill, to overcome being tone deaf or to be professional, to achieve their own goals and projects.
To find the sense of achievement with your favorite instructor is the best part of learning at Powerful Voice.
By all means, let′s try the lessons given by our instructors who have acquired professional skills and expertise at Powerful Voice.

Powerful Voice Method

To level up steadily
Master vocalization and vocal skills
owerful Voice Method
Based on our philosophy that is "for everyone to find their ideal singing voice", Powerful Voice Method was invented from research and development carried out over the years.
Over the past decade, we still have been evolving with achievement of more than 30,000 individual tutoring records.

There is nothing you cannot solve or improve your problems about the vocalization you may have.
The Powerful Voice Method has been invented by analyzing and unraveling the structure of each one of vocal defects and attractive voices from the huge number of clinical cases.
Powerful Voice Vocal School will train you carefully according to your pace, and lead you to increase your needed voice skills.
Many students are amazed at how rapidly their own voices and their singings improve.
Beginners are welcome. Feel free to join us.

Fascinate and attract people

To sing expressively
Master vocal technique and staging skills
Singing style to fascinate and attract people
There is always a desired message in a song to transmit.
To express this desired message, you must need techniques such as vocal technique and staging skills.
With the Powerful Voice method, you will start learning to be able to sing a song accurately first, because singing carelessly and selfishly prevents you from improving your skills.
When you learn properly to sing the original song and enable to sing it well to the minimum standards, you will add vocal techniques. Staging skills is not only for professional singers alone.
It is important to sing consciously even for one person.
Level up to sing with affluent expression power by learning the elements of staging skills such as facial expression, the direction of the eyes when performing, posture, how to hold the microphone, how to be in rhythm and so on.

Right lessons for yourself

Enjoy your lessons!
Customize lessons and schedule as you wish.
Right lessons for yourself
Usually in the first half of one hour lesson begins by counseling, vocalization and voice skill training and in the second half, working on vocal techniques and staging skills are following, but it is possible to change the process.
Your suggestions are welcome. Let us know if you wish, for example, to take a long time for counseling today, to enjoy communicating with the instructor, to train thoroughly your vocalization and voice skills or just to sing more and more.
Of course it is fine to leave it to the instructor too.
Powerful Voice Vocal School lead you to make steady progress with fun.

Check your voice and singing style
with the recording device on request.

You can :
verify your own voice with a clear reproduction sound and your instructor analyzes it thoroughly and corrects you!
notice the problems to be fixed which makes steady progress.
change freely the key of the song to find the perfect key for your vocal range.
also learn how to use the microphone, experience to sing through the microphone and train yourself.

Since we are not proficient in English, please excuse our clumsy English, however we will do our best to fulfill your wish with the spirit of hospitality, and hopefully you will enjoy the conversation in Japanese too!