Introduction of Powerful Voice CEO Kenji Shiraishi.


Powerful Voice CEO

Kenji Shiraishi

Kenji Shiraishi

Professional vocal instructor

In 2004, Powerful Voice Vocal School established based on the original powerful voice method which we have researched and developed through 20 years of voice training activities.
He has worked up the school into the best mega school in Japan and nurtured over 300 instructors and taught over 30,000 students.
He has appeared in numerous media such as television, radio and magazines as an active charismatic voice instructor who has a refreshing humorous personality and his easy voice training with an immediate effect.
More than 10 books published by him are long time best-selling.


Based on my philosophy that is "for everyone to find their ideal singing voice and lead them to enjoy their life through music and songs", I have been devoting all my energies to nurturing each staff as if to make an artwork to provide the students with dreams and joys.
Thanks to all supports from a lot of people, we renew our commitment to continually strive to improve our services even better.
First of all, please feel free to take a trial lesson.
There is no doubt that you can feel comfortable to take a singing lesson with fun in a bright and clean lesson room with attentive and friendly instructors.

Over 40 experienced instructors look forward to teaching you in
Tokyo - Shibuya School, Nagoya - Sakae School and Fukuoka - Tenjin School !

Since we are not proficient in English, please excuse our clumsy English, however we will do our best to fulfill your wish with the spirit of hospitality, and hopefully you will enjoy the conversation in Japanese too!